Changing Space: the Shrinking World

Global Internet traffic


time/space convergence and the reduction in the friction of distance
Explain how a reduction in the friction of distance results in time/space convergence.

Examine the relative changes in the speed and capacity of two types of transport (air, ocean, road, rail, pipeline) responsible for flows of goods, materials and people.
extension and density of networks
Analyse the changes in a transport, Internet or telecommunications network in terms of the extension of links and nodes and the intensity of use at a national or global scale.

Describe the role of information and communications technology (ICT) in civil society and the transmission and flow of images, ideas, information and finance.

Examine the contrasting rates, levels and patterns of adoption of an element of ICT in two countries.

12 hours


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Most of the 'Interpret, analyse and when appropriate construct tables, graphs, diagrams, cartogaphic materials and images' skills could be taught in this section of the Higher Level Extension.