Disparities in Wealth and Development



Measurements of regional and global disparities
Define indices of infant mortality, education, nutrition, income, marginalization, human development index (HDI). Explain the value of the indices in measuring disparities across the globe.

3 hours
Origin of disparities
Explain disparities and inequities that occur within countries resulting from ethnicity, residence, parental education, income, employment (formal and informal), and land ownership.

3 hours
Disparities and change
Identify and explain the changing patterns and trends of regional and global disparities of life expectancy, education and income.

Examine the progress made in meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in poverty reduction, education and health.

5 hours
Reducing disparities
Discuss the different ways in which disparities can be reduced with an emphasis on trade and market access, debt-relief, aid and remittances.

Evaluate the effectiveness of strategies designed to reduce disparities.

5 hours


Best content in IB Geography Patterns and Change | Diigo - Groups


Development Diamonds, Measures of correlation (including Spearman rank).


International data base international data base

Population Reference Bureau http://www.prb.org/


measurements of regional and global disparities
Chapter 1 Growth, Wealth and Happiness in Population, Resources and Development by Jane Chrispin and Francis Jegede.

Planet Geography Second Edition Chapter 5 Development Geography Geographic Development p.87-89, Indicators of Development p.89-93 (including HDI on page 92), Global Variations in Development p. 93-100.
origin of disparities
Planet Geography Second Edition Chapter 5 Development China's Economic Development p. 118- 128, including uneven impact of economic development on different parts of China. Papua New Guinea's Economic Development, including the distribution of economic development relating to income distribution, health status and care, educaitonal status and government services p.128- 136.
disparities and change

reducing disparities