Extended Essay

Make sure that you are using the Diploma Programme Extended Essay (EE) Guide for first examination in 2009. The EE requirements for Geography have recently changed.

The Online Curriculum Centre (OCC) Geography homepage has a document titled Guidelines for supervising Geography Extended Essays. It is strongly advised that all teachers who are advising Geography Extended Essays read this document.

A Geography Extended Essay requires:-
  • a spatial emphasis
  • geographical theory and methodology
  • geographical sources
  • geographical concepts, theories and ideas

Be sure to read pages 97- 102 of the Guide for more details of what is required.

Geography EE are now assessed using the same criteria for all EEs:-

  • Criterion A - research question
  • Criterion B - introduction
  • Criterion C - investigation
  • Criterion D - knowledge and understanding of the topic studied
  • Criterion E - reasoned argument
  • Criterion F - application of analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to the subject
  • Criterion G - use of language appropriate to the subject
  • Criterion H - conclusion
  • Criterion I - formal presentation
  • Criterion J - abstract
  • Criterion k - holistic judgement

We strongly recommend teachers to register for one of IB's Online workshops for EE. It lasts about 6 weeks and requires approximately 4 hours work each week. More information can be found on the IB's OCC website.